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About the Office

The office of Derer Law is situated in Calgary in the residential area of Crescent Heights. The office is a substantially renovated 1940s dwelling with back yard and patio and ample parking for visitors off the back alleyway. We can comfortably accommodate 8 to 10 people with our office layout and conference rooms suited to both mediations and arbitrations.  

About the Art

The visual arts, amongst many other forms of art, have been a long standing passion of mine. The art pieces you will find hanging on our office walls cover a wide spectrum of artists, periods and styles. Hopefully you will find that they serve to make the office a more pleasant environment in which to work and as a constant reminder of the creativity required in the dispute resolution process. At our offices you will also find the most eclectic collection of books you will likely see in any “law” office, spanning topics as diverse as art, music, poetry, politics, philosophy, mediation theory and yes, law. Our doors are always open to friends, colleagues and parties who choose our offices for their mediation and arbitration proceedings. For those parties and their counsel who are inclined to inject a holistic component to dispute resolution sessions, hopefully our office art and décor will contribute to that inclination. Even if a more business-like, traditional approach to the hard work of dispute resolution is preferred, hopefully our offices will be found to be comfortable and practical with the art and décor merely serving as an occasional but welcome distraction.  

“we shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us” - Sir Winston Churchill

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344 8th Avenue NE Calgary • AB • T2E 0P9


Located only 3 minutes north of downtown, across the Bow River, the office is easy to access from either Edmonton Trail or Centre Street. There is convenient parking on the street, or around back.