Ivan Derer, QC

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Mr. Derer brings a principled, engaged and engaging approach to every mediation, one that is informed and refined by his diverse litigation practice spanning 35 years, extensive ADR academic studies, and in excess of 2,500 mediations conducted over a 20+ year time frame. This same experience base ensures an efficient arbitration process when he is engaged in that ADR context.  

Mr. Derer is also committed to pursuing and promoting excellence in the ADR practice. He is available to provide consulting services in resolution strategies and dispute resolution process design. You are invited to review some or all of the papers he has written as referenced on this website. They collectively address a broad cross section of ADR topics – theory, practice, strategies to be considered and ways and means by which the benefits and results of ADR sessions can be optimized. He is also committed to staying on the cutting edge of the ADR practice field and, to that end, posts regular blog pieces on observations and experiences in the practice. 


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Marney is delighted to join Ivan in an association of mediation practices which has provided tremendous opportunity to learn and grow from Ivan’s wealth of knowledge and experience.

Marney has over 24 years experience in civil litigation, including dozens of trials and hundreds of mediations. Marney came to the role of mediator because as counsel, she frequently found herself slipping into the role of peacemaker or problem solver, and sometimes right into a mediator position. Seeking out a solid foundation of training through the Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution was a natural step, and gave a solid and principled foundation to what came naturally to Marney in her interactions with colleagues, disputants, friends and family. It seemed the most logical step, then, to move to a solely mediation practice in 2017.

Marney is committed to continuing to learn and grow as a mediator, and participates in professional skills mediation training courses on a yearly basis, as well as seeking out mediator colleagues in Canada and the United States with whom to engage in exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge and experience. Marney has written and presented in the area of mediation and negotiation, and plans to continue to grow and learn in this area in the years to come.


Shauna Rivait

Paralegal and Administrative Support

The success and smooth operation of our practice is assured by the work of Shauna Rivait. With over 25 years of experience in a broad cross section of law firm settings and practice areas, she delivers a powerful combination of expertise and friendly service.


Julie Ann Derer

Extra Touches

To add colour and culinary delights to our offices, Julie Ann applies her skill and passion to floral arrangements and meal preparation.