… A New Beginning

I am pleased to welcome you to our new website which launches as we begin our second decade of independent practice focused on dispute resolution.  

I am hopeful that you will find the website both informative and engaging. On it you will find information regarding the nature of mediation and arbitration, our approach and guiding principles to the practice as mediators and arbitrators, our location, and details concerning our facilities, complete with creative touches (our art and books) which reflect both a personal passion and an essential component to the successful execution of our work.

For many of you, I have served as mediator and arbitrator on many past retainers. I sincerely appreciate your ongoing support of my practice over the years and the consistent confidence you have shown in the work I continue to discharge on your behalf.

As I embark on a second decade of independent practice focused exclusively on dispute resolution, I am joined by my colleague, Marney Lutz, with whom I share an unwavering commitment to the principled, efficient and effective practice of dispute resolution applied to a diverse spectrum of disputes. 

Some of you will want to learn more about mediations and arbitrations, forms of dispute resolution that have clearly become the preferred option to traditional litigation and Court adjudication over the past decade. Call us, come visit us, and of course all of you are invited to visit this website and Marney’s website regularly. We are both committed to staying on the cutting edge of this exciting and important practice field and to post regular blog pieces on our observations and experiences in practice. We hope you will find these pieces to be helpful, interesting and perhaps even occasionally entertaining. These periodic blog pieces are intended as a supplement to a considerable collection of papers that I have written over the years on a wide variety of dispute resolution topics which can be accessed from the website.

Fancy Lamp